October Favorites

It’s already the end of October! And guess what – Halloween is right around the corner (is anyone else as excited as I am?) and that means playing dress up, watching scary movies with your best friends and going to a Halloween party. But before I keep on raving about one of my favorite times of the year let’s take a look at this months favorites:

Creamy Concealer Kit by Bobbi Brown – Shame on me! It’s on my favorites list again! But after I was forced to use my old MAC Concealer for a couple of days I realized what a holy grail that is and it has definitely helped me cover those dark circles after last week’s Semester Opening Party.

MAC’s Mulch – I just rediscovered this beauty in one of the drawers of my vanity and fell in love with it again. Just like most eyeshadows by MAC it’s easy to apply and the pigmentation is amazing. I like to apply it in the outer corner of my eye combined with MAC’s ‘In For a Treat’ Highlighter in the inner corner.

MAC’s Viva Glam III – And here comes another MAC Product (Shoutout to my Mom for starting my MAC obsession!). I love wearing dark lipsticks in fall. They are perfect for the cold season and let’s admit it: No one can resist a woman who wears lipstick! What I really like about this one is the coverage. The color payoff is great and you can choose between a natural reddish brown look for university or a fierce and sexy look for a date night. It all depends on how many layers you put on.

Microcell 2000 – The most hyped nail hardener of all times I guess. After reading tons of positive and also negative reviews about it online I was kind of scared to buy it. But one of my co-workers convinced me to give it a try and it has been a favorite of mine since then. Long-Nailed-Girls-Club here I come!

A Red Bow – I love wearing bows in my hair! They always lighten up my mood and add a hint of cuteness to every outfit. Especially in the cold seasons when the sky is grey and the trees are leafless a red accessory is always an eye catcher!

What are your favorites this month? Let me know!

xoxo Laura Belle

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