All About my Detox Water

Have you heard of the Detox Trend? I’m sure you have! In fact, my Instagram feed has been full of it this year. Detox water is not only a great option if you want to boost the taste of your plain water, it also helps you to loose weight and get rid of harmful toxins in your body. I have to admit: Even my Dad has jumped on the bandwagon! Besides the great taste and positive side effects, carrying your detox water bottle with you is also an amazing eye-catcher. Wether you go to work, university or school – your fellows will definitely notice it! So here are the three detox water recipes I have found myself go back to this summer:


This is by far the most used recipe this year. Lemon water is not only refreshing during those long, sticky summer days but also improves the digestive function strengthens the immune system and helps detoxify the liver. Are you trying to loose weight? Then detoxing with lemon water is a great choice because it curbs appetite. I also like to add some mint leaves and sometimes some orange slices to change it up once in a while.


Since cucumbers mainly consist of water, they belong to the most hydrating vegetables out there. They also contain cucurbitacins, which are proven to kill cancer cells and prevent their proliferation. Due to the high amount antioxidants, cucumbers fight free radicals and therefore make you age slower and healthier.


Do you love red berries as much as I do? Then you’ll definitely love this one! This recipe includes blueberries, raspberries and blackberries. Because raspberries contain anti-inflammatory phytochemicals they are anti-aging and anti-cancer. Blueberries prevent heart diseases and reduce DNA-damage, whereas blackberries tend to be rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Vitamin K.

Even though it might take some time in the morning, these detox waters are definitely worth it! How do you feel about the detox trend?

xoxo Laura Belle

8 thoughts on “All About my Detox Water

  1. I really like this whole “detoxing thing” but I do that not to loose weight or something. I just really like how the water tastes and refreshes haha. What I like to do is I prepare my water the night before and let it sit in the fridge (then the water soaks all the vitamins and other good stuff). I drink the whole bottle as soon as I wake up and I feel like it really makes me feel fresh and active ^^


  2. Awesome ideas for a better taste. But honestly, although I really like this whole health trend, the most important thing about “detox” water ist the water itself. I think you don’t actually NEED cucumber or berries in it, but it just looks and tastes a lot better 😉 My favourites are cucumber & lemon and pepermint & ginger.
    ♡ Ella


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