Celebrating 25 years of Germany’s reunification

I’m back! And I’m so sorry for lacking in uploading posts for you guys. As some of you might know I was working as a trade fair hostess in Frankfurt last month. Working for 17 days straight without having one day off, getting up at 4 a.m. and spending 14 hours a day standing next to a car were more exhausting than expected. But I survived it! However, since I was not able to enjoy the last warm days of fall, I decided to meet up with my best friend to celebrate Germany’s reunification. Continue reading “Celebrating 25 years of Germany’s reunification”

Simple look: High Waisted Jeans

Hey loves! Have you ever looked through your closet and randomly discovered a new piece? I’m sure most women do. Unfortunately, the weather has been quiet unpredictable here in Germany. So when my friend asked me to spend the day in Frankfurt with her I had no idea what to wear. First World Problems, right? Continue reading “Simple look: High Waisted Jeans”