Two Must-Reads for Every Girl

Autumn is the perfect excuse to stay inside the house and spend a comfy evening on the couch. I’m a huge lover of TV shows. Especially shows like the Walking Dead (have you guys already seen the spin-off?) or Once Upon a Time are perfect for such evenings. But the cold weather is not only perfect for a Netflix marathon with your best friend, it’s also great for spending some me time with a good tea and an even better book.

One of the pieces I recently got my hands on is Make Up – Your Life Guide to Beauty, Style and Success – Online and Off by Michelle Phan. Not trying to be a fangirl here but I freaked out when I discovered it online. I’ve been a subscriber of her youtube channel for years now and this book is just like her in the videos: well written, incredibly inspiring and very down-to-earth. Michelle does not only give beauty tipps but also shares advices for any kind of situation in life – weather it’s social media, job or school related. This girl definitely got your back! I love to take a look into it every once in a while when I feel down or in need of inspiration.

Another holy grail of mine is #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso. I honestly didn’t really know much about her but after taking a look at her life story I had to buy it. Long story short Sophia Amoruso turned from a broke, directionless young girl to a successful businesswoman by founding the famous company Nasty Gal. She is the embodied girlboss that everyone of us secretly wishes to be one day. The book is filled with braze wake-up calls and brutally honest – perfect for all young aspiring women out there!

Are you ready to take on the world? After reading these two books you definitely will be!

xoxo Laura Belle

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