What’s in my Bag: Girls Night Out

Last Saturday I got to travel to Mannheim for a Bachelorette Party. Since we had planned to party the night away I decided to take my cute glittering clutch with me. As much as I love going out with my friends I always ask myself: What should I bring with me? So here are five things (besides my phone and my keys) that I always take with me when it’s a girls night out.

Lip stain

I never leave the house without some sort of lip balm. But I also love having some color on my lips! So instead of taking two lip products with me (admit it: Ain’t nobody got space for this) I found that using lip stain is a great compromise: It’s caring for the lips and adds a hint of color and shine.

Don’t forget your ID and Health Insurance Card!

This is actually common sense but I discovered that taking your ID with you is still not self-evident for some people out there. Even though I rarely get asked for it it is still important to keep it with you just in case something happens. That’s why you should also keep your health insurance card in your pocket at all times. I like to keep my cards in a little cardholder – It’s handy and you can easily store some money in it (and hello? It’s pink!).

Blot Powder & Blotting Paper

Let’s say you’ve been dancing for the past two hours, you go to the restroom, take a look in the mirror and realize that you are shining all over your face! At least that always happens to me (does anyone feel me on this?!) – What a good thing the make up gods invented blot powder! That way you can always touch up that shiny T-Zone throughout the whole night. Quick tip: By using blotting paper first you take off the excess oil and avoid clogging your pores.

Eyelash Glue

As I already admitted in my Vanity Tour Post, I’ve been falling head over heels for fake lashes his year. But sometimes my falsies have a mind of their own and like to come off. That’s why I learned to always bring eyelash glue with me. Honestly, no one wants a whole band of eyelashes hanging off their eyelid.

Lip Balm: Maybelline Baby Lips / Cardholder: Michael Kors / Blot Poder: MAC / Blotting Paper: Essence / Eyelash glue: MAC

What are your essentials for a girls night out? Let me know!

Have a lovely Wednesday babes!

xoxo Laura Belle

11 thoughts on “What’s in my Bag: Girls Night Out

  1. I always forget my ID so remembering that is at the top of my list every time! And I usually toss in some Tylenol or something in case of a popup headache out of the blue 🙂


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