Grunge in Fall

We all know these lazy days where we feel like staying in bed all day long and watching Netflix (or Youtube) in our PJ’s. Even though I didn’t feel like going out yesterday, one of my best friends who I hadn’t seen in a long time convinced me to go out and drink a coffee with her.

Since I didn’t feel like dressing up I decided to wear some blue jeans and a thin sweater. I also found a shirt in a corner of my closet (you know these dark mysterious corners where all the clothes you barely wear end up lying around). I had bought it back in my wild teenage years in 2009 where my Fourteen-year-old self was all about finding who I want to be and being different than everyone else which led to evenings full of Grunge music and way too much black eyeshadow. Don’t pretend like you didn’t have these rebellious times, too haha! However, to feel more put together I decided to tie the shirt around my waist and wear my favorite wedge sneakers.


Jeans: Dr. Denim / Black sweater: H&M / Shirt: H&M Man / Wedge Sneakers: Buffalo

Have a lovely weekend babes!

xoxo Laura Belle

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