All about my hair: Ombré

“Gorgeous hair is the best revenge” – Ivana Trump

It has been about a year since I graduated from High School and many things have changed. I broke tie with all my school mates, started a new life at college, attended a beauty pageant and started this blog. So just like my résumé, my hair needed a new look. Fortunately, I have a good friend who is a talented hairstylist! So we met up at my house to give my boring long hair a new look.

I have naturally thick, dark brown hair which is mostly straight, but decides to fluff itself up once it rains. Because of a Fotoshooting I did last year, most of my hair is still bleached and therefore very sensitive and dry. So we decided to dye my hair in three steps: At first, we tinted it dark brown again. Since tint only deposits a color on top of the hair and doesn’t lift and replace its original color, it is not as damaging as hair dye. Then we continued with bleaching the lengths a little bit and then tinting them with a light brownish color. I was afraid that my hair would feel super dry, but surprisingly it didn’t!


I love the new color! It’s perfect for summer and I can’t wait to go back to college and show it off. And thanks to my dear friend Burcu for spending her entire Saturday doing my hair. Love you girl!

xoxo Laura Belle

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