August Playlist

The grey days in Germany are over and summer is officially back. Time to create a new playlist! Thanks to my dear friend Franzi I’ve been into K-Pop lately. In fact I even tought myself how to read hangul. The struggle is real! I mean cute guys, beautiful girls, catchy music and hot choreographies that make your heartbeat go faster – who says NO to that? But let’s not forget about newcomer Alyxx Dione (her music video for chingalinga featuring Jason Derulo is just breathtaking), the Princess of Popmusic Ariana Grande und cutie Nick Jonas.

So here are my ten favorite songs this month. Enjoy!

Ailee- Don’t touch me

Ariana Grande – Be my Baby

Alyxx Dione ft. Jason Derulo – Chingalinga

BTS – Dope

BTS – War of Hormone

EXO – Love me right

EXO – Call me Baby

Hyolyn – One Way Love

Nick Jonas – Jealous

Sistar – Shake it

Have good weekend loves!

xoxo Laura Belle

(Photo credit: sugarpwn)

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